Learning is a bonus for successful people.

As for a good bonus, the receiver as well as the giver will benefit by it. ka:media offers learning content that us si notivating and educating, that is is the perfect bonus.

For everyone to participate in the enjoyment of learning, our e-learning content and systems are suitable for almost all people. Learners with diverse educational backgrounds, age, physical billities and differnt first language are considered in our work.

Of course you can use the ka:media learning solution on every device, such as smartphones, personal computers, tablet-pcs and even 3D VR glasses.

[ka:media] Learning Space

Starting with 29 euros per month, trainers, authors and other learning providers will get an outstanding learning platform. The package includes a virtual video classroom and even a complete browser-based 3D training environment.

If you already have experience with an open source platform like Ilias or Moodle, you will surely like the ka:media E-Learning Free package, or the rental system ka:media E-Learning Space.

Medium-sized businesses or personnel developers in large corporations will find advanced and complete learning-solutions in the service-oriented ka:media E-Learning Basic or ka:media E-Learning Plus.

As the first company with its headquarters in Germany, ka:media also offers HR-Solutions on the basis of the commercial Moodle distribution Totara.